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Larry Doehne
President & CEO 

Total Office Products, Inc. was founded on October 16, 2000 and is being strengthened by the philosophy and strategic leadership of Larry C. Doehne, President. Larry is responsible for providing strategic and business development leadership. He offers more than 30 years of well-rounded experience in office product industry.  He began in the early 70's as a delivery driver, and worked through the ranks of sales and sales manager at Industrial Office Suppliers.  He was part owner of International Interiors and served as President of the company from 1984 until the business was acquired by a large national firm in 1996.  For four years he served as District President.  After fulfilling his contractual obligations, he returned to the independent dealership area. 

His vision for Total Office Products is to build a a strong foundation in customer relations by providing high quality products in a customer friendly atmosphere with a quick turnaround time.      

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